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Your Placenta is more abundant and powerful than you ever thought

"The placenta is the least understood human organ, but arguably one of the most important. It influences not just the health of a woman and her fetus during pregnancy, but also the lifelong health of both"  NIH - THE HUMAN PLACENTA PROJECT

AmnioChor seeks to change the placenta's paradigm from medical waste to medical wonder, and begin its' second, and everlasting life after childbirth.

Your Placenta

The AmnioCept was invented by AmnioChor engineers and scientists to optimize tissue isolation and maximize cryopreservation, mass utilization and cellular quality by the Company's Plurinatal process.


Amniotic Membrane of the Placenta

AmnioChor believes that the Amniotic Membrane of the Placenta is at the center of the perinatal universe and cellular therapy potential. It embodies the Company's core competence as  founded to realize the tissues destiny to revolutionize cellular therapies 

Coming Soon

AmnioChor's mission is to build the first Biobank that can benefit the entire population. The OmniBank will preserve the highest quality placental tissue, stem cells and extracellular vesicles that will be made available to you from the Personal bank and everyone from the Community bank.

AmnioChor is a new Biotech company based in perinatal tissue and stem cell technology

The Company has identified a source and method of acquiring and preserving human stem cells. The source is the Amniotic Membrane of the Placenta, and the method is based on their patented AmnioCept technology.

A cryopreserved ocular allograft comprised of de-vitalized Amniotic Membrane of the Placenta (AMP). Tandem uses a proprietary method for de-vitalization and mitochondrial tissue expression 


Immediate placenta life support, preservation, transport and blood retrieval device. By the time the placenta gets to the AmnioChor lab, the cord blood and placental blood will be retrieved in a life-support environment.

Zero G  (pba1)

Cryopreservation of the Amniotic Membrane of the Placenta at birth in AmnioChor's fee-based Personal bank, or free community bank. Everyone has an opportunity to particpate.


OB-Now is the app and digital conduit between mom & dad, healthcare and AmnioChor. It will offer pregnancy guidance and wellness information, OmniBank membership, rapid response and placenta retrieval, and a continuum of communication and valuable information.


Tissue retrieval, processing and cryopreservation device. The AmnioCept brings AmnioChor's Plurinatal process to life by allowing for the creation of multiple independent tissue samples. Multiple samples allows multiple utilizations of duplicate native properties.


AmnioChor's laboratory benchtop rapid tissue explant bioreactor for the production of ADSCs (Amnion-derived Stem Cells), and conditioned media.


A unique placental tissue sampling device



Your Placenta Your Future



Based on HLA tissue-typing, the valuable biological components of the Amniotic Membrane will be best suited for Allogeneic, Matched Allogeneic and/or Autologous therapies

Parents will be afforded the opportunity to join the OmniBank Personal banking program and cryopreserve multiple samples for future autologous therapeutic needs. Or parents will have the option to donate their placenta and a potion of their tissue samples and participate in the OmniBank Community banking program for other future benefits. 

See The Future

Begin to plan now for the future of cellular therapies and the benefits captured with the Amniotic Membrane of the Placenta and other valuable placental components.

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