AmnioChor is developing a device and a system called AmnioCept to retrieve the Amnion in the operating room.  Additionally, AmnioCept will:

  • Maintain sterility – A sterile tissue retrieval kit will be supplied to parents to bring to the hospital. It will comprise everything your practitioner needs to capture a tissue sample and ship it to AmnioChor’s lab.
  • The product and service is applicable for both vaginal and cesarean births. Potential tissue bacterial contamination in vaginal births is mitigated.
  • No contact with mother – the process is performed on the placenta and away from the mother.
  • Shipping is handled by AmnioChor.
  • Multiple sample capacity – One large sample will be retrieved in the OR that the AmnioCept will convert into multiple samples enabling multiple potential therapies and the harvest of many millions of Amnion Epithelial stem cells and Amnion Mesenchymal stem cells.