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AmnioChor's mission is to build the first stem cell bank that can benefit the entire population. AmnioChor's OMNIBANK will be a high quantity cache of high quality stem cells that will be made available to everyone.

The future of Healthcare is not contained in the chemistry of a drug, or the utility of a robot, but in a cell….a stem cell. Stem cell therapies are the backbone of the Regenerative Medicine revolution, and the foundation of what many call the 4th and final pillar of Healthcare, the Cellular Therapy Industry. They hold the promise of treating many physically and financially devastating diseases. Researchers around the world are toiling to bring stem cell therapies to the clinic, yet the raw materials, the cache of stem cells necessary to fuel these therapies, does not exist today.

AmnioChor is about to change that

Amnion Tissue Storage

AmnioChor’s first, and foremost goal is to build a new brand of stem cell storage called the OMNIBANK. The OMNIBANK is a facility that will provide a cryogenic storage service for human amnion tissue retrieved at child birth. The bank is comprised of two separate and segregated components, the ‘Personal’ bank for private storage dedicated to future customer elected autologous therapies, and the ‘Community’ bank, for samples received by donation.

OMNIBANK is modeled after Cord Blood Banking in many ways, however also differing in several very significant ways:

Amnion Derived Stem Cells (ADSCs) exhibit the attributes of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs), and therefore offer potential therapeutic value expanding beyond the attributes of cord blood stem cells.

Where cord blood affords a single sample and therapy opportunity, AmnioChor's technology and methodology supports many. And with 2 populations of stem cells. 

 OmniBank Membership

Parents will be afforded the unique opportunity to join the OmniBank personal bank program, and cryopreserve multiple individual tissue samples. Enrollment and annual storage fees will be available in the near future.

In addition to membership in the personal bank, parents will be encouraged to also participate in the OmniBank community bank by donating a portion of their tissue samples. Tissue donation will afford the family other future benefits