About AmnioChor


AmnioChor is a biotech company based in perinatal stem cell and tissue technologies that enable cures, and will save lives.  Employing the Company’s proprietary AmnioCept technology for the recovery of the human placenta, AmnioChor will transpose the organ’s paradigm of medical waste to medical wonder, and commence the human placenta’s second and everlasting life in providing therapies. AmnioChor’s whole placenta-focused business will create and develop many new paths to cure, made available to everyone.

AmnioChor was founded on the promise of perinatal tissue and stem cells contributions for cure in future cellular based therapies and regenerative medicine.

AmnioChor views the placenta as the preeminent source of adult stem cells, and biological components, and seeks to waste nothing in launching the organ’s second, and everlasting life as a premiere agent of therapy.

AmnioChor believes that the highest quality and quantity of living tissue and stem cells is attained by isolation and processing the placenta immediately following childbirth, by AmnioChor’s Level 1 standard comprising extracorporeal preservation, rapid transport and laboratory processing.

AmnioChor intends to utilize tissue and stem cells for today’s cures, and create a new hybrid biobank, the OMNIBANK, for future utilization.

AmnioChor will create a perinatal tissue and stem cell industry infrastructure capable of driving therapies that are ‘allogeneic’ when efficacious, ‘matched allogeneic’ as beneficial and/or required, and ‘autologous’, as will remain a preferred modality of treatment.

AmnioChor further believes the amniotic membrane of the placenta is the center of the perinatal universe; it embodies the Company’s core competence, and its’ tremendous wealth will enable the Company’s holistic perinatal vision.